How to play this game

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How to play this game

Post  Spenat on 25/4/2010, 08:27

1.) Register at Archlord Official Homepage and confirm the confirmation mail (DON´T use e-mail with .cz at end, it won´t work, so create for example mail on

2.) Download the game client (I recommend downloading using P2P network)

3.) Install the game

4.) Login on website, press START GAME and install the webzen launcher
4a.)Webzen launcher is a plugin to browser, sometimes there are trouble with it, if you have them, use for logging in Internet Explorer

5.) Restart browser

6.) Again go to official webpage and press START GAME again (launcher should appear if not, go to point 4a)

7.) Let Archlord finish all updates (You will be asked many times to restart launcher, do it)

8.) After updates (message Patch Complete-Please start the game will appear on downloading bar) press START button

9.) At first screen, choose Europe

10.) When you are choosing server, choose Cyripus/Evengarda

11.) Create your character using Create button

12.) Start playing game!
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