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Realm Armors

Post  Spenat on 3/8/2010, 10:49

Hi.Here I am going to show you info about realm armors in Archlord.
First of all, what is realm?
-Realm is a special armor, which can be dropped only on special places made for it (such as Frozen Infinity, etc.)
-Realm armor is very powerful armor, it have much more better stats (but sometimes not Smile) than for ex. Elite armor

Oh, very nice! Where can I drop it?
Places for drop realm are 6 now.Here comes photo with it:

(The last race, Dragon Scion is not yet available in Archlord, it should come at fall of this year including that realm armor)
The last realm (brown color) CAN´T be dropped anywhere.You can obtain it only by getting CP(=Charisma points) in new battleground and then turning with CP machine (similar to Fortune Gate)

Awesome! But how can I know that mobs in these places won´t kill me?Aren´t they lvls high?
Every part of realm world have it´s own mobs with it´s own realm.Here you can see list of Chaotic Frontier worlds and it´s mobs:
Forest of Scream ( Level 31 - 40 )
Monster Name:
-Winged Latch Deck Lvl 31
-Hook Jester Lvl 33
-Volcano Wold Form Lvl 35
-Master Wood Lvl 36
-Battle Beast Soldier Lvl 37
-Battle Beast Chaser Lvl 39
-Battle Beast Commander Lvl 40
Land of Ice ( Level 41 - 47 )
Monster Name:
-Feathered Wing Soldier Lvl 41
-Whitesnow Capter Lvl 43
-Icebery Bear Lvl 45
-Ice Death Scorpion Lvl 46
-Frost Horned Deathmute Lvl 47
Dungeon 1F ( Level 48 - 55 )
Monster Name:
-Balloondog Clover Lvl 48
-Balloondog Diamond Lvl 49
-Balloondog Spade Lvl 51
-Spear Master Green Lvl 52
-Spear Master Grey Lvl 53
-Spear Master Yellow Lvl 55
Dungeon 2F ( Level 56 - 60 )
Monster Name:
-Gristorm Rex Puncher Lvl 56
-Gristorm Rex Star Lvl 57
-Gristorm Rex Crusher Lvl 58
-Hungerman Walker Lvl 59
-Minotaur Axe Lvl 60
Forest of Pain ( Level 61 - 68 )
Monster Name:
-Serpent Witch Lvl 61
-Chainsword Dancer Lvl 62
-Reptilian Soldier Lvl 63
-Sabre Marylith Lvl 65
-Rattleviper Lvl 66
-Sky Avenger Soldier Lvl 67
-Tigerorus Lvl 68
Tower of Despair ( Level 69 - 70 )
Monster Name:
-Succubus Humble Lvl 69
-Squad Captain Lvl 70

I understand.And how does realm look like and how can I know that I dropped it?
Dropped realm armor have name written with green color.Also, realm armor always have name like Something of Something Smile for ex: Greaves of Aaron.Here you can see dropped Garb of Siasien, which is realm for Moon elf Elementalist.

(For ex. this was dropped in Dungeon 1F, which is a part of Chaotic Frontier)
If you want to see example of poison realm (can be dropped in Evergreen Paradise-Poison)and it´s stats, see this:

Also, here is video, how does it look like in Evergreen Paradise:

Pretty cool, huh? Smile
Is there any possibility to raise my chance to drop realm?
Yes.You can buy chantra items, which really raising chance to drop anything.It is called:
-Talisman of Heavenly Luck

-Lucky Charm

Thanks a lot, now I am going to try luck to drop realm.Thanks for help!
No problem, happy to help.I wish you luck in farming Wink
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