New Expansion-Ascent From Hell

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New Expansion-Ascent From Hell

Post  Spenat on 29/3/2011, 21:14

Greetings, guys! I am here to tell you great announcement: You can download new expansion pack (yes, that means new episode), and you can play it exclusively from 31th march 2011 03:00 GST (that means 12:00 GMT+1)! So what will be new after maintenance?

▷ Title System content update:
The Title System is a new system to give about 3,000 Titles to users who complete certain quests. The character with each title gets different type of special buff including experience increase, collectable item for crafting increase, additional recovery of healing portion etc.
▷ Siege sign up terms simplification:
Changing the method. GMs are not allowed to disclose more information.
▷ Character window UI renewal:
Added information on the character (Ice Light poison dmg - resist and more.
▷ Character radar map UI include:
Adding a radar to see the PK.
▷ DragonScion cities passports release:
Adding a passports for STULL city.
▷ DragonScion Premium Box release
▷ DragonScion transportation method update:

DragonScion portal activated.
▷ Level support DragonScion items include

So what are you waiting for? Start downloading and start play today! Links for new expansion are following (choose any you want):
Webzen´s torrent -
Or you can use manual download (you need to download all the parts first):

For more informations about what will come, check this or official Archlord Webzen homepage
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