07/30/2010-My Archlord is not working :| (SOLVED)

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07/30/2010-My Archlord is not working :| (SOLVED)

Post  Spenat on 30/7/2010, 14:08

Sorry to all, but I will not be on Archlord today, because of launcher, which is not working Neutral .You can see my problem here:
I hope, that my problem will be solved soon.I´ll post it here, when it will be Very Happy

EDIT: Ou, so the problem is getting worse.Still can´t turn it on, even game reinstall is not working.Seems that there is some problem in starter(already reinstalled btw and also without success)..Dunno, hope someone will help, because I already posted that problem as you can see..

EDIT2: Ok, so problem is in final phase, seems that I have virus on my comp, because after system recover the sound is not working.So I am telling: Byebye to all for now, I am going to format my disc and start from beggining.

EDIT3: Last edit, because I didn´t formatted my computer.I just repaired system and now: sound is working, no problems with formatting and the main thing is that....Yes, Archlord is working again Smile

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