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FAQ-Frequentely Asked Questions

Post  Spenat on 25/4/2010, 10:57

How can I see levels of other players in game?
You can´t.From time, when Archlord has been taken by NHN games, it´s impossible to see other players levels.Only when they are transformed using Metamorphosis potion, you can see his level.

How can I find your guild?
When you press "G" in game, you will see the guild list.Then press "Rankings" and scroll to 8th page.There you will see Raven.Just click "Join" and after that, you just need to wait until I will accept you into guild.

I have problems with sound.How to fix it?
Unfortunately, you are not the only one.Yet, there is no way, how to fix it.

From what level can I perform PvP?
You can perform it from level 20

People in game are telling some shortcuts.What are they mean?
See shortcut page.

What is Castle Siege?
Castle Siege is mission, when whole guild is trying to attack/defend the castle.You can participate it by telling GL to register for it.In Archlord, there are 4 castles, which you can obtain.

How can I become an Archlord?
Only guild master can do this.When guild have all 4 castles, secret dungeon will appear.Guild must go trought this dungeon and kill the boss.After that, guild leader will became an Archlord.

I saw peoples on new mounts, for ex.Griffin or Golem.Where can I get that?
You can obtain them using Premium Box, which can be bought in Chantra shop.But you don´t know, which item you will get in it, so obtaining new mounts is absolutely random.

Many players are talking about Chaotic Frontier.What is it and how can I get there?
Chaotic frontier is not so old feature of Archlord.It´s a special place especially for dropping realm armors(info about them here).You can get there first by obtaining special passport(mobs are dropping it) and then using portal in town.

What means CP?
CP=Charisma Points.By killing mobs or other race´s players in battleground, you can obtain CP.When you reach 100CP (you can see it when you press "C" and then find CHA), you can use CP machine (similar to Fortune Gate) and get some prizes(Also realm! Smile)

What means "Farming"?
Farming means to try to drop some unique accessories or realm armor.Unique accessories are unique necklaces and rings.
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